#1 Killer TO YOU!

This killer is a celebrated work, something we do everyday. However it kills us on the inside. It takes people by the millions. Several lose their lives and forget who they are. Some even become prideful and trade their joy filled lives for a different bitter one. Almost every human on the planet suffers from this ailment. This epidemic must be stopped! This epidemic is COMPARISON!

….. Just ponder that for second. You know that is true! Even today you wished your life was different in some fashion. Have we as a church, completely forgotten who we are that we must try to be someone else. Are we really that bad? Yes, we may wish our situations were different, but did we forget that once we change our perspectives that the way we look at our circumstances change? Have we really tossed every good principle about taking every thought captive out the door? Did we really just trade our joy, which is our strength, for pride or depression? What are we doing? This is not who we were made to be. God calls us princes and princess. He trusts us! He even has removed our shame, yet we still walk around with our heads down and wear it as a grown of glory for the world to see. Have we really forgotten what Jesus Christ has done for us? Or are we that prideful in our shame that we invite all new believers to join us in the mud pit that they just walked out of!? WHAT ARE WE DOING?

It is time to WAKE UP! It is time to remember who(se) we are and to rise up. It is time to leave the pit of shame and walk in righteousness. It is time for the Bride of Christ to realize who she is and to walk in the authority Christ has Comparison is refusing to look at Christ as your mirror but someone or something else. given her. It is time for her to take her place and win back this world for her love, Jesus Christ. Can you imagine, if we, as the bride of Christ, realized how powerful we were and acted like it, the whole world would have been saved already, and Christ would have already come back for His Bride!

It is time for the Bride to rise up and to leave the comparison game behind. This game has gotten us no where, but has left us confused and far away from what Christ has for us. Comparison is refusing to look at Christ as your mirror but someone or something else. In a way, comparison is the modern day idol. Celebrated by the world and the church. All comparison is is a ploy to get us distracted from who(se) we are so that we never walk into our destiny. NOT ANYMORE! I have decided to put a stop to this epidemic and have pulled off this dark veil and exposed comparison for what it is.

Now it is up to you. Will you choose to walk away from this game and live the life you’ve always wanted? Will we as the church decide today to be who really are, the beautiful, powerful Bride of Christ? I am ready, are you?


Take Another Look in the Mirror

“I wish my gut wasn’t so big!” Why can’t my hair cooperate?” “I hate my skin.” “I’m always breaking out!” “I’m just not good enough!” “I’ll never be able to do it…..”

If you are like any other human being in the world, you have probably said one if not all or more of those expressions. These expressions I like to call thoughts. They have the power to haunt and plague us if we give them enough power. Thoughts can be quite the enemy, or sucker of life, if we allow them to be. Once we have this thought and we start to believe it, well you now have officially submitted yourself to its death. Well maybe death is a hard word but think about it for a minute. Your day is going normal when all of the sudden you see your wonderful co-worker Karen and she has it all together. She is looking ‘on fleek’ with her shoes and designner tote to match. Clearly this woman has it together, and what was your morning like… Uh terrible. It all started with clothes that didn’t get washed, children that wouldn’t get out of bed, perhaps a toddler going through a stage, and to top it off there is no more milk. Life is a mess and its only 7AM in the morning. You drop the kids off at school… oh some peace…but wait you forgot to finish putting your make-up on and only one eye has eyeliner and no mascara. Oh my! You finally get to work then someone spins around right into you, there went your coffee and your blouse. Needless to say you wish you could restart your morning, but you just dismiss that wish like you do every morning because well its life, until she appears. Oh yes! The mother with everything together. All of the sudden your cubicle is filled with smoke and you want her to pay for being ‘so put together.’ Like a tidal wave thoughts come rolling in like the next big hit song that doesn’t stop playing. The tune may be catchy but boy is it deadly. After a while, you feel depressed and that nothing or no one can help you out of this mess, besides the Super Nanny. So what do you do? Do you allow those thoughts and situations to stir up those emotions to determine who you are?
Well let me show you where our fine mother went wrong. There is nothing wrong with her morning or children, even though she may think otherwise. We have all been there! Each of us have had our fair share of crazy unlucky mornings filled with mess. So if it wasn’t the horror filled morning, what was it? Glad you asked, right when she saw Karen what did she do? She started to compare. Then from there she believed those thoughts from comparison and decided to allow her day or life to be ruined by one moment of judgment. Well my friends, comparison kills! It will leave you dead and dormant to who you really are. It is time to stop judging our day to day crap with someone else’s glory moment, or as others have put it – highlight reel. You cannot judge your crapy day with their good one. Plus you have no reason to compare in the first place, your life is so distinctly different than everyone else’s. You are unique. There is no one else like you on the planet, unless you are a twin than I guess we’ll let you complain… Nope! You are different! You think, talk, and engage with people different. There is no one like you! You are the only one who can do you! So its time to stop comparing and start living! Be who you are, because its who you are that will shake and change this world. Stop complaining, stop comparing, and start being you!
More to come on the power of thoughts!
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