Ditch the Detox


A lot of events have happened lately. In your personal world and the world around you. Sometimes it feels toxic. While suffocating all energy and hope from who you are, several ideas and creative expressions of detoxing your life present themselves. Some of them are colorful, others painful, and yet others still being invented. While all of those may sound good, does it last or do you have to try it again later? Let me be courageous in saying Ditch the DETOX! Instead of finding intensive quick ways of cleaning out your life, how about a lifestyle of hope and joy where you never need a detox but maybe just a quick pick me up and reminder. That’s not to say that I don’t occasionally get lost in the toxic world and need brought back to the reality of who I am and the power that I carry. Instead of looking for the next quick fix, live a life full of purpose and hope. I can already hear the questions swirling around in your head. “So how do I live a life full of purpose when everything around me is hopeless and falling apart?” “There is no hope!” “What are you talking about?” “Can I really believe that I am powerful?” “How can I live a purposeful life?” and so on….

This realization for me started when I realized that I was hopeless about my life and current situation. I was trying to feel hope again and get myself to realize who I really was. But try after try, they were only quick fixes. Nothing worked until the Lord intervened through community, reminding me who I was and what I brought to my world around me. In a moment the Lord removed all doubt and hopelessness and I began to see my purpose again. I felt great for a few days then those haunting thoughts of doubt and depression tried to return, but I was quick to recognize them and decided in that moment that they would not ruin what the Lord did for me, nor would they control me again. Later, some hopelessness started creeping in again. I did not think much of it but pushed it away, until something I just happened to read jolted my thought process with a swift download of fresh revelation. Doubt starts with what you put in. So what are you listening to? What are you watching and/or reading? Is it full of hope or degrading with every word? We have all heard the saying, “what you put in comes out.” Well it is true. But it goes much deeper than we realize or give it credit for. So its time to stop listening to the depressing voices around you, whether through the media, news, movies, books, etc. Maybe its a friend who does nothing but tear you down. Well it is time to ditch them. Did she just say that? Yes I did!

Love produces freedom and freedom produces a sense of hope and purpose We must be careful what we allow to speak into our lives. The only way to rebuild hope is to put love in! Love produces freedom and freedom produces a sense of hope and purpose. If you want a life full of purpose and overfilling with hope, stop what your tuning into and put the opposite in. This may mean a complete lifestyle change. However, one I think you will be happy with in the end. Its time to tune into the things that make you smile! Tune into love! Tune into GOD! He will never let you down! Some of you maybe thinking, “he does’t have anything good for me, you have no idea what I’ve done.” Well I got news for you, while he was dying on the cross, the man crucified next to him, who was being punished for murder, first mocked him then realized he wanted in on the love. So that night he went and spent paradise in heaven. So Love can be yours! It is just time to tune in. Go ahead! You can do it! I have faith in you! It is time to ditch the detox and tune into love! Lets get rid of doubt and stomp on hopelessness!

#weareinthistogether #yougotthis #tuneintolove


Dumpster Diving

“God looks not at the outer appearance but at the heart.”

1 Sam 16:7

A face? What is a face? A unique way of expression… A way of holding mystery… a means to communicate… to put up a front…

Like you, I have my masters in putting on a face. I learned it from my parents. At a young age, my family would head to church and act like everything was fine when we just had a heated argument. Needless to say learning how to look and play the part became way too easy. After some time, I became an expert on shoving my feelings into the deep abyss of me. It got to the point where feelings became nothing but just hot air, and the numbness of life around me seemed like a dark place of comfort instead of a world of despair and pain, but deep down it was a world built upon layers of Gold and beauty just waiting to be discovered and known.

The reason I start at the beginning or at the source is because confidence comes within you. It is something that for many is birthed out of seasons of pain, trial, and inner healing. To have confidence takes confidence. It is a connection between you, your soul, and your spirit. In order to develop confidence you have to be brave enough to go deep and discover who you really are. This means taking off and dealing with each layer of filth, mildew, and scum that has covered the inner you. For several, this is a painful experience, but I will reassure you that it is well worth it. You will be so happy you did it! Everyone knows dumpster diving is not joyful but once you begin and start finding the pieces of gold, pieces of you, you start to develop a passion for treasure hunting. Then all of a sudden you find a jewel, a precious ruby that you never knew existed within you. Sooner or later you realize that you were never a dumpster to begin with but a strong treasure chest full of shining beauties and untold stories. Let me encourage you in saying never give up, keep going deeper, you will find something beyond beauty, heavenly perfection. For when God made us he said we were perfect. You are perfect; made beautiful in his image! To insult yourself is to insult the creator (but we will not get started on that topic). You are full of beauty, and it is time to unlock the heaven within you! It’s time to become confident!

#wearconfidence #Itlooksgoodonyou #neverlookedbetter