Am I Worth It?

If you are anything like me, you have asked yourself this question a million and one times. Well the reason we keep asking ourselves this question is because deep down we do not feel worth it at all. We do not feel valued or needed. To be quite honest, most of the time we woman feel like we do not measure up to much or that we do not have much to give. We may have big dreams but feel we are inadequate to chase them. Deep down we want to make a difference, but our head keeps telling us it will not really change anything. Sometimes we muster up enough courage to display our true inner beauty only to be rejected by the ones we hoped would embrace it. So we burry ourselves back into our shell and hope for a sunnier day tomorrow. But how is the world going to change if what they really need is you (us)?

You my dear are the answer to the equation, the missing puzzle piece. You complete the picture. The world will never change if you do not change where you get your value. To put it more strongly, the world will never change if you are letting it define you. The world may tell you who you should be but that is not who you really are. Your friends and family may tell you you are amazing and that you can change the world but you may not always believe that when they do not fall through in their promises. Your value does not come from people. No matter how close you keep them to your heart. They cannot hold that much power. The only one who can tell you who you are and who you are meant to be is your creator. Do not let the world tell you who you are, or you will never be able to change it. The reason we try so hard to prove ourselves to the world is because it has given us a bad rep since the beginning of time. Who was the one who ate the apple first? Eve. Who has been told to keep quiet ever since? Women. In almost every culture, women are oppressed and made to keep quiet. Frowned upon as if they are sole reason for the world’s problems. Now I could go through the Bible and point out the scriptures where it talks about how women should be quiet or should not do this or that and point out what was really going on. However that would take much more than this post. I will say one thing, whom did God choose to bring His son into the world? That’s right a woman! God choose women to bring redemption in to the world. God has approved of woman and has given us purpose. So for the sake of your time and heart let me finish with telling you that YOU ARE WORTH IT!

You were created for greatness. More than that. You were born for it. You are a daughter of the one true King and he loves you with an everlasting love. You do not need to wait for his approval, you have been approved. Otherwise he would not have made you. Your dreams are possible and who you are is still very much alive. It’s time to be bold and scandalous. It’s time to be you!!

We got this ladies! The world is waiting for us. We can do it!


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