Dumpster Diving – Part 2

“Finding the Treasure within You”
At first it can seem quite a task to dig up and look beneath the facade you have created, to see the beauty within. It requires two important things. The first vulnerability and the second, honesty. You cannot have one without the other. Both take an amount of courage and strength. However, these are not beyond your limits. In fact it is within your reach.

Going deeper…..

When you start diving deep into yourself, you may encounter some rather ugly, smelly, unrecognizable stuff. However after looking closer you may realize the nasty thing may have been something terrible you have been speaking over yourself for years. Like, “I cannot do that, I do not have it in me!” Or this bad one, “I am not thin or pretty enough!” When you say things that are not true over yourself, they do develop quite a smell and can change the way you see yourself and life around you. Instead of filling yourself with smelly stuff it is time to fill yourself with colorful, bright, and beautiful scents of His truth. This means speaking the truth over yourself again and again until you start to believe it yourself. It is time to call out the gold within yourself. You can see it in other people. Well, now it is time to find it within yourself which can be the hardest and best battle you will ever fight. Because once you see who you truly are and believe it with everything in you, nothing is impossible for you! Come let us go deeper. I encourage you to dig deep this week and find out what smelly thing has been keeping away the true you. Find it out and kick it out with the truth. It is time to change that dumpster into a treasure chest full of beauties!

#youcandothis #everythingispossible #nothingistoohard #yougotthis #letsdothis #crushedIt #findingthebeautywithin


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