Excuse me, but your glasses look fogged up!

Every day we are presented with situations beyond our control. It is our job to respond with wisdom and integrity, but let’s be real, does that always happen? Uh… no! Sadly, we allow the situations around us to get the better of us. As put in real langue, we allow our situation to control us. Some situations are of course out of our control, but that does not mean they should dictate to us how we need to respond. We are not called to be reactors, we are called to change and shift the environment. This can be hard if we cannot even see what the environment looks like when our glasses are clouded. Instead of others telling us what pair of glasses we should wear, or allowing our environment to steam up the lenses, lets choose to look through His perspective. What He sees is not what man sees. Lets put on His glasses. I guarantee you were born for that pair. It may not seem at first, they may take some time getting used to, but in the long run you will have impacted more people and changed several places. Lets choice today to be world changers and not let our environment set the standard on how we should live or see.

Check out my previous post, ‘Embrace Yourself, Here WE GO!’ for more on this topic.

#yourchoice #youreyes #Hisperspective #yougotthis #letschangetheworldtogether



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