Brace Yourself, Here WE GO!

Everyday we are flooded with emotions. Some make us feel gross and disgusted, others make us feel sad, lonely, and depressed, others make us furious while  make us happy, joyful, and content. Sometimes we just go through life feeling every emotion and riding the rollercoaster of our lives. However, at the end of the day we have a choice to choose to feel what we feel. Some of us go through life allowing our emotions to control us and our thoughts and decisions. Let me encourage you and say, “Get off the roller coaster!”

If you are anything like me, you love an occasional rush that roller coasters give you. The ups and downs, the loops, corkscrews, and sharp turns give us the crazy illusion that we are flying and out of control. However, we are securely strapped in and even before we get in line for this crazy ride we are fronted with a choice. Before you even get to the front of the line, you can see the course outlined in front of you with all of its wild intentions. You can hear the screaming of terror and excitement rush overhead as you cross underneath the track. As you stand their looking at the next crazy ride, you have a choice to decide to get in line and then at the front – to board it. This is the same with our emotions. We have a choice at the beginning of the day to allow our emotions to control us or not. Sometimes life is crazy and you cannot help but get on the crazy ride but in the end, or the start of the day I should say, you have a choice to allow yourself to get on that ride or not. Do not get me wrong, emotions are very important and should not be thrown away deep into ourselves. They are valuable to experiencing life and ministering to others around us, but do not become a victim to their power. Emotions are meant to aid us and encourage us, not bring us flying through life feeling like your falling. So yes, you can say no to those bad emotions and choose to be happy. Your circumstance may outline a crazy course but you have a choice to get on that ride or not. Instead choose joy! Choose every day to be happy and to spread that joy to everyone you meet. We all love those times we run into someone whether at the store or a restaurant that is happy and makes your day smile. Well, I am sure they faced the exact same decision you have. Their life is probably not always glowing but they decided to not let their circumstances choose their fate, rather they choose for themselves what they wanted.

It is time for you to choose, you can hear the load rush overhead, will you decide to allow joy to fill you to overflow or will you get on the ride??

#choosejoy #emotionsdon’tcontrolyou #yougotthis


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