Can You Feel It?

With the season of love staring at us in the face, I cannot help but talk about it. Love is a beautiful thing. It can make us feel all gooey inside. Sometimes it makes us feel like we are on top of the world and invincible, while other times it can make us look deep in ourselves and help us through some tough times. Love is a strange thing. Some call it an emotion. Most of us use it as a greeting. Others use it as a deciding factor for big decisions. Love comes and goes and we never still seem to understand it. We enter into relationships because we are swept away by love, but then the moment love is gone the relationship is over. If you were to ask those in a long relationship, maybe 30+ years, “what is love?” I am sure they would tell you something like, “It is the small things. Choosing to be there even when I did not want to….” In other words, it is not easy or fleeting, rather it is commitment. Love is a CHOICE! You have to choose to love somebody. You must choose to love someone every day.People that are hurt or angry never act out of who they are. You decide in each moment to extend love to every person in your life. Whether it is your family or even your coworkers. Of course people do things we do not like, or that hurt us, but let me share some truth on that. People that are hurt or angry never act out of who they are. They are reacting instead of acting. We have all been there, said things we regret or said something out of anger because we are reacting to a situation. Basically, we have allowed the situations around us to determine how we act instead of rising above the situation and take our behavior into our own hands. So it is time to choose connection, not disagreement. Does it get hard at times? Absolutely! Love is a commitment, a constant decision, a vow if you will. The only way to shift our environment around us is to love it. When someone is hurting, he or she needs love. Our environment around us is hurting, so we cannot afford to do anything else but love. Let us love together and make the world a better place. Decide today to love on your family, friends, and community.

I pray this season of love reminds you how powerful you are and that you hold the key to change you and your environment. The key of Love!

#chooselove #youcandoit #changetheworldthroughlove


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