Excuse me, but your glasses look fogged up!

Every day we are presented with situations beyond our control. It is our job to respond with wisdom and integrity, but let’s be real, does that always happen? Uh… no! Sadly, we allow the situations around us to get the better of us. As put in real langue, we allow our situation to control us. Some situations are of course out of our control, but that does not mean they should dictate to us how we need to respond. We are not called to be reactors, we are called to change and shift the environment. This can be hard if we cannot even see what the environment looks like when our glasses are clouded. Instead of others telling us what pair of glasses we should wear, or allowing our environment to steam up the lenses, lets choose to look through His perspective. What He sees is not what man sees. Lets put on His glasses. I guarantee you were born for that pair. It may not seem at first, they may take some time getting used to, but in the long run you will have impacted more people and changed several places. Lets choice today to be world changers and not let our environment set the standard on how we should live or see.

Check out my previous post, ‘Embrace Yourself, Here WE GO!’ for more on this topic.

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Brace Yourself, Here WE GO!

Everyday we are flooded with emotions. Some make us feel gross and disgusted, others make us feel sad, lonely, and depressed, others make us furious while  make us happy, joyful, and content. Sometimes we just go through life feeling every emotion and riding the rollercoaster of our lives. However, at the end of the day we have a choice to choose to feel what we feel. Some of us go through life allowing our emotions to control us and our thoughts and decisions. Let me encourage you and say, “Get off the roller coaster!”

If you are anything like me, you love an occasional rush that roller coasters give you. The ups and downs, the loops, corkscrews, and sharp turns give us the crazy illusion that we are flying and out of control. However, we are securely strapped in and even before we get in line for this crazy ride we are fronted with a choice. Before you even get to the front of the line, you can see the course outlined in front of you with all of its wild intentions. You can hear the screaming of terror and excitement rush overhead as you cross underneath the track. As you stand their looking at the next crazy ride, you have a choice to decide to get in line and then at the front – to board it. This is the same with our emotions. We have a choice at the beginning of the day to allow our emotions to control us or not. Sometimes life is crazy and you cannot help but get on the crazy ride but in the end, or the start of the day I should say, you have a choice to allow yourself to get on that ride or not. Do not get me wrong, emotions are very important and should not be thrown away deep into ourselves. They are valuable to experiencing life and ministering to others around us, but do not become a victim to their power. Emotions are meant to aid us and encourage us, not bring us flying through life feeling like your falling. So yes, you can say no to those bad emotions and choose to be happy. Your circumstance may outline a crazy course but you have a choice to get on that ride or not. Instead choose joy! Choose every day to be happy and to spread that joy to everyone you meet. We all love those times we run into someone whether at the store or a restaurant that is happy and makes your day smile. Well, I am sure they faced the exact same decision you have. Their life is probably not always glowing but they decided to not let their circumstances choose their fate, rather they choose for themselves what they wanted.

It is time for you to choose, you can hear the load rush overhead, will you decide to allow joy to fill you to overflow or will you get on the ride??

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Can You Feel It?

With the season of love staring at us in the face, I cannot help but talk about it. Love is a beautiful thing. It can make us feel all gooey inside. Sometimes it makes us feel like we are on top of the world and invincible, while other times it can make us look deep in ourselves and help us through some tough times. Love is a strange thing. Some call it an emotion. Most of us use it as a greeting. Others use it as a deciding factor for big decisions. Love comes and goes and we never still seem to understand it. We enter into relationships because we are swept away by love, but then the moment love is gone the relationship is over. If you were to ask those in a long relationship, maybe 30+ years, “what is love?” I am sure they would tell you something like, “It is the small things. Choosing to be there even when I did not want to….” In other words, it is not easy or fleeting, rather it is commitment. Love is a CHOICE! You have to choose to love somebody. You must choose to love someone every day.People that are hurt or angry never act out of who they are. You decide in each moment to extend love to every person in your life. Whether it is your family or even your coworkers. Of course people do things we do not like, or that hurt us, but let me share some truth on that. People that are hurt or angry never act out of who they are. They are reacting instead of acting. We have all been there, said things we regret or said something out of anger because we are reacting to a situation. Basically, we have allowed the situations around us to determine how we act instead of rising above the situation and take our behavior into our own hands. So it is time to choose connection, not disagreement. Does it get hard at times? Absolutely! Love is a commitment, a constant decision, a vow if you will. The only way to shift our environment around us is to love it. When someone is hurting, he or she needs love. Our environment around us is hurting, so we cannot afford to do anything else but love. Let us love together and make the world a better place. Decide today to love on your family, friends, and community.

I pray this season of love reminds you how powerful you are and that you hold the key to change you and your environment. The key of Love!

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Ditch the Detox


A lot of events have happened lately. In your personal world and the world around you. Sometimes it feels toxic. While suffocating all energy and hope from who you are, several ideas and creative expressions of detoxing your life present themselves. Some of them are colorful, others painful, and yet others still being invented. While all of those may sound good, does it last or do you have to try it again later? Let me be courageous in saying Ditch the DETOX! Instead of finding intensive quick ways of cleaning out your life, how about a lifestyle of hope and joy where you never need a detox but maybe just a quick pick me up and reminder. That’s not to say that I don’t occasionally get lost in the toxic world and need brought back to the reality of who I am and the power that I carry. Instead of looking for the next quick fix, live a life full of purpose and hope. I can already hear the questions swirling around in your head. “So how do I live a life full of purpose when everything around me is hopeless and falling apart?” “There is no hope!” “What are you talking about?” “Can I really believe that I am powerful?” “How can I live a purposeful life?” and so on….

This realization for me started when I realized that I was hopeless about my life and current situation. I was trying to feel hope again and get myself to realize who I really was. But try after try, they were only quick fixes. Nothing worked until the Lord intervened through community, reminding me who I was and what I brought to my world around me. In a moment the Lord removed all doubt and hopelessness and I began to see my purpose again. I felt great for a few days then those haunting thoughts of doubt and depression tried to return, but I was quick to recognize them and decided in that moment that they would not ruin what the Lord did for me, nor would they control me again. Later, some hopelessness started creeping in again. I did not think much of it but pushed it away, until something I just happened to read jolted my thought process with a swift download of fresh revelation. Doubt starts with what you put in. So what are you listening to? What are you watching and/or reading? Is it full of hope or degrading with every word? We have all heard the saying, “what you put in comes out.” Well it is true. But it goes much deeper than we realize or give it credit for. So its time to stop listening to the depressing voices around you, whether through the media, news, movies, books, etc. Maybe its a friend who does nothing but tear you down. Well it is time to ditch them. Did she just say that? Yes I did!

Love produces freedom and freedom produces a sense of hope and purpose We must be careful what we allow to speak into our lives. The only way to rebuild hope is to put love in! Love produces freedom and freedom produces a sense of hope and purpose. If you want a life full of purpose and overfilling with hope, stop what your tuning into and put the opposite in. This may mean a complete lifestyle change. However, one I think you will be happy with in the end. Its time to tune into the things that make you smile! Tune into love! Tune into GOD! He will never let you down! Some of you maybe thinking, “he does’t have anything good for me, you have no idea what I’ve done.” Well I got news for you, while he was dying on the cross, the man crucified next to him, who was being punished for murder, first mocked him then realized he wanted in on the love. So that night he went and spent paradise in heaven. So Love can be yours! It is just time to tune in. Go ahead! You can do it! I have faith in you! It is time to ditch the detox and tune into love! Lets get rid of doubt and stomp on hopelessness!

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