Dumpster Diving

“God looks not at the outer appearance but at the heart.”

1 Sam 16:7

A face? What is a face? A unique way of expression… A way of holding mystery… a means to communicate… to put up a front…

Like you, I have my masters in putting on a face. I learned it from my parents. At a young age, my family would head to church and act like everything was fine when we just had a heated argument. Needless to say learning how to look and play the part became way too easy. After some time, I became an expert on shoving my feelings into the deep abyss of me. It got to the point where feelings became nothing but just hot air, and the numbness of life around me seemed like a dark place of comfort instead of a world of despair and pain, but deep down it was a world built upon layers of Gold and beauty just waiting to be discovered and known.

The reason I start at the beginning or at the source is because confidence comes within you. It is something that for many is birthed out of seasons of pain, trial, and inner healing. To have confidence takes confidence. It is a connection between you, your soul, and your spirit. In order to develop confidence you have to be brave enough to go deep and discover who you really are. This means taking off and dealing with each layer of filth, mildew, and scum that has covered the inner you. For several, this is a painful experience, but I will reassure you that it is well worth it. You will be so happy you did it! Everyone knows dumpster diving is not joyful but once you begin and start finding the pieces of gold, pieces of you, you start to develop a passion for treasure hunting. Then all of a sudden you find a jewel, a precious ruby that you never knew existed within you. Sooner or later you realize that you were never a dumpster to begin with but a strong treasure chest full of shining beauties and untold stories. Let me encourage you in saying never give up, keep going deeper, you will find something beyond beauty, heavenly perfection. For when God made us he said we were perfect. You are perfect; made beautiful in his image! To insult yourself is to insult the creator (but we will not get started on that topic). You are full of beauty, and it is time to unlock the heaven within you! It’s time to become confident!

#wearconfidence #Itlooksgoodonyou #neverlookedbetter


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